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La Pastourelle du Val d’Arly is a folk group inspired by the Savoyard mountainous environment.

It was founded in 1952 and youngsters and less young ones dance, sing and play games that were typical of long winter evenings in the past. The repertoire has been collected from elders in Ugine and in the villages and hamlets of the Val d’Arly area. It is truly an authentic collection.

the group


Over the last 50 years, the group has been advertising Ugine, Savoy and France beyond our borders:

  1. Aix en Provence, Aurillac, Etaples, Guer, Istres, Lanester, Lyon, Nancy, Nice, St Martin de Crau, Sisteron, Stiring-Wendel, Valence, Versailles, Vierzon, Angers, Tournus… in France.
  2. Aosta, Gallio, Torino… in Italy.
  3. Geneva, Lausanne, Montagny, St Cergues, Villard-Mandraz… in Switzerland.
  4. Krow, Stetten…. In Germany.
  5. Sraznice… in Slovakia
  6. Zakopane… in Poland
  7. Hartberg…. In Austria.
  8. Bolsward... in the Netherlands
  9. Lisbon… in Portugal.

We were privileged to participate at the Closing ceremony of the Albertville 1992 Winter Olympic Games, with other Savoyard Folk groups.

La Pastourelle obtained the “Golden Axe” trophy at the 1995 World Mountain Folk Festival in Zakopane (Poland), in the Authentic group category. We presented a traditional scene from our region: the visit of the pedlar.

In 2000, all the musicians of the group obtained a prize during the Music Festival. We were celebrated for the traditional quality of our interpretation and our repertoire.

Every year, the group works with the Ugine Tourist Office for the Mountain Festival: the Demontagneura, when cows and shepherds come down from the mountains at the end of the summer. We take this opportunity to show works of times gone by as well as local traditions.

The Pastourelle du Val d’Arly is a member of:

- the Dauphiné-Savoy Folklore Federation

- the National Confederation of French Folklore